Meet The True Crime Enthusiast

Probably my favourite podcast is produced by Paul, better known to us all as The True Crime Enthusiast.  I'm delighted he took some time out to talk to me about what he does and why he does it.  Enjoy.... So, The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast…well it started almost...

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Evil Minds Podcast

I was contacted this week by Steve from the Evil Minds Podcast. It is a new true crime podcast so I asked Steve to tell me just why he had decided to start a new podcast at this time. Below is his reply (published with his permission): I’ve been a true crime fan for...

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Monthly Bonus Podcast Episode 27 – out now

Every month I produce a bonus, full-length episode just for supporters on Patreon. This is always a story that really interests me for any number of reasons. The new episode has been released today and features the murder of Adam Vincent in Grimsby in 2011. Listen...

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Inside the mind of a serial killer

My talk on Tuesday in Camden with top crime author Geoffrey Wansell was a lot of fun. There were almost 300 people there and it was great to chat to so many nice people about true crime. Journalist Chris Summers who runs the excellent site was there,...

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Fool me Twice

Jules Hannaford is from Australia but lives in Hong Kong. Jules is the host of Hong Kong Confidential podcast and author of 'Fool Me Twice', a memoir of how she was scammed and assaulted online dating in Manchester in the UK. Her book was published in august 2018 and...

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Join Me In London

So every week I go on about staying classy, but can I stay classy on a night out? Why not find out for yourself on 26 March in Camden, London when I join author Geoffrey Wansell to talk serial killers. Tickets are now on sale and drinks gladly bought/accepted after...

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Chris Summers – Crime Journalist

I'm delighted that journalist Chris Summers has written a short blog today about his life covering crime. His excellent blog, total crime, is a vital source of information for me as a true crime podcaster. I hope you enjoy his comments below. A LIFE OF CRIME: WRITNG...

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A Sunderland Boxer

The monthly bonus episode has just been released for Patreon supporters. It is a fascinating story about a young Sunderland boxer and the people he was connected with and how those relationships resulted in him receiving a life sentence. Take a listen today at:...

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Crime With Hattie

At the UK True Crime Facebook group a member has recently been posting some really interesting you tube crime videos she has created.  I have enjoyed them and asked the person behind them, Hattie, to write a short blog post explaining the motivation to start creating...

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Phones in Prison Cells

I don’t buy into the widely held view that prison is like a holiday camp. Almost all prisons, but especially Young Offender Institutions, are scary, violent places where for many of the inmates rehabilitation is the last thing on their minds. Just staying safe is much...

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12 Things I have Learnt Podcasting

I thought I’d share 12 things I have learned in producing 100 podcasts with around 120,000 listeners a week. As I hope you know, I don’t pretend my podcast is anything special and I am always learning, but I thought you might be interested. Like my podcast, the list...

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Podcast passes 100 episodes

Are you a regular listener to the UK True Crime Podcast? If not, take a listen now as we have passed over 100 episodes, with episode 1oo being voted for by supporters on Patreon - where there are another 21 full length episodes to listen to! Take a listen now on Apple...

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