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Young Offender Institutions – Not Fit For Purpose

In March 2002, 16 year old Joseph Hall was sent to Stoke Heath Young Offender Institution (YOI). He was particularly vulnerable and all the pre-sentencing reports made this very clear. On arrival, because staff had been made aware of his vulnerability, Joseph was...

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The Bogus Gasman

Today I am delighted to publish a guest blog from my friend Paul, who will be better known to you all as True Crime Enthusiast.  Follow him on twitter @tc_enthusiast and take a look at his fantastic blog, where using his excellent research skills and writing ability...

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Managing Youth Offending In The UK – Complete Failure

Is the UK System failing youth offenders at every single level?  Absolutely. Using a real-life, recent example, over three blogs I examine the bewildering Magistrates Court Experience for youth offenders followed by the real nightmare that is the Young Offenders...

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Could A Brain Tumour Lead To Murder?

For those of us with an interest in true crime, it is endlessly fascinating why someone commits a crime, especially a murder. Sometimes there are clear motivational hints or clues but since the beginning of time there has been discussion about what makes someone kill...

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Can True Crime Ever Be Glamorous?

Many popular fictional TV shows like Breaking Bad or The Sopranos make crime appear exciting and engaging. A late night drunken act of violence outside a kebab show in your town doesn't hold the same allure. But why do we glamourise some criminals who commit real...

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Beware: The Ponzi Scheme is Alive and Well

Although the business of separating people from their money has always been a popular one, in the UK this has reached whole new levels since the pension reforms giving people over 55 full access to their pension pots. For the fraudsters, billions of extra pounds were...

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