Crack The Case On True Crime

I was contacted recently by journalist Laura Rutkowski, who was writing a piece about true crime for Virgin Media. This was ahead of season 2 of: Homicide: Hours To Kill, which is airing on Crime + Investigation – a channel dedicated to true crime. The series...

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The Life & Death Of Louis Gillies

I have received a large number of messages about the podcast this week, asking why I chose to cover the life and death of Louis Gillies.  I was unfamiliar with Louis's story until I read this excellent article in The Scotsman.My personal interest in the issues around...

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The Impact of ‘Not Guilty’

I've always been fascinated by those found not guilty in a court case and the impact this has on their future life. Do you ever recover from that moment when the cell door slams and you are alone with your thoughts and at the mercy of the creaking UK Criminal Justice...

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The Strange Death of Innes Ewart

Mick Morton of BBC Scotland contacted me recently about a new podcast he is hosting about the mysterious death of 27 year old Innes Ewart.It is a fascinating listen as Mick tries to get to the bottom of the strange death of a man who seemed to have everything to live...

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Murder Trial Live

I have been following the work of this organisation with interest and to me this looks like a super interesting night out. If you go, let me know how it was for you.... Bizarre New Social Experiment Arrives In A Town Near You! This summer The Murder Trial Live arrives...

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Crime Girl Gang – Live Event

I was contacted this week by Crime Girl Gang, a new true crime podcast,  who are running this live event in London on 16 May.  Whenever I can I support live events and it sounds like a fun evening if you are around. True Crime & Wine: Can you solve a murder? The...

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Creating the UK True Crime Podcast

I was asked at my Facebook Group recently about how I create my weekly podcast.  When I explained it is usually late at night after eight pints of cider and involves twenty minutes cutting and pasting from Wikipedia, the questioner wasn’t quite sure if I was serious...

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The ethics of true crime shows

I am so pleased to have been invited to Manchester on Saturday 18 May at 3.30 as part of the Pilot Light TV Festival.  I will be part of a panel debating the ethics of true crime show. Also on the panel are Donal MacIntyre and Rachel Fairburn (All Killa No Filla)....

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