This is a well written review of true crime podcasts written by Ian Morgan in his excellent Fuelled By Caffeine blog. Good to see my podcast at two – thanks Ian – and in the company of four excellent shows (if you don’t listen to them already, I strongly recommend you do).

Here it is:

“Every time you hear about a serial killer, it is mentioned that they had themselves an, ‘unhealthy obsession’ with serial killers. This makes me shudder every time, as I have the same obsession. I consume true crime podcasts, documentaries and books as if I require them for sustenance. To date, I have not killed anyone.

Due to how busy I am with other things, and my other half’s dislike of watching ‘Born to Kill’ every night, I have found that podcasts are the perfect format for me for getting my fix. As such, for FBC’s first of a (hopefully) weekly list of top fives, I give you my Top Five True Crime Podcasts.

5) The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast – This is the latest True Crime podcast that I have subscribed to and I still haven’t quite finished working my way through the back catalogue. That is probably why it is at number five on the list (this is still really high considering the number of publications I listen to, many of which have the benefit of a far higher budget). The host, Paul, does a great job of bringing lesser known cases to the attention of listeners and expertly describes these cases in wonderfully macabre detail. He also seems like a really nice, down to earth guy. Listen to him and help him with his petition to get Crimewatch back on the BBC! @tc_enthusiast

4) They Walk Among Us – The team at They Walk Among Us can boast of an impressive back catalogue of shows covering a range of crimes in the UK from the last 50 odd years. Excellent production and brilliant delivery of well researched cases. No joking around and perhaps less personal and more strictly professional than some of the others on the list. This will be a big appeal to some. Definitely worth your time. @TWAU_Podcast

3) Casefile – The only non-UK based podcast to make the list, Casefile hails from the land down under and the team cover cases from all around the world, but with a heavy focus on Australian crimes. The production value is second to none and their triple episode on the Silk Road is essential listening. They have a total of 82 episodes under their belt so if you haven’t checked them out so far, you can go on a serious binge. @Case_file

2) UK True Crime – What can I say about Adam? He genuinely makes me laugh with every episode, often when he isn’t even trying to be funny. There is something in his delivery and sarcastic interjections that always finds a way to make me laugh, despite the fact he is talking about brutal rapes and murders. I love how he sets the context for the time period at which the crimes took place by talking about what topped the charts at the time, whilst delivering his opinion on those songs (usually negative). UK True Crime doesn’t have the same production value of Casefile or They Walk Among Us but it is still definitely worth your time. If anything, just so Adam doesn’t cry like he does when listeners don’t vote him five stars on iTunes. As someone who also supports a shit football team that were once good, and as a fellow vegan, I feel I can relate a lot to him. @UKTrueCrime

1) Red Handed – This is the only podcast on the list with more than one host and the way the two females presenters banter with one another makes for compelling listening. It is also great to hear from women that are obsessed with True Crime; a predominantly male dominated sub genre. Hosts Suruthi and Hannah have great rapport and exude charisma (if that is possible to do through voice alone), and the way they back and forth whilst delivering the details of the cases works incredibly well. Expect some laughs, a lot of swearing and a very well researched and brilliantly delivered podcast. RedHanded, you are FBC’s number 1 True Crime Podcast! @RedHandedthepod

Go and listen to all of these podcasts, and if you can, support them on Patreon.

Ian Morgan is on Twitter: @IanMorganFBC”

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