Geoffrey Wansell at UK True Crime Live Event

I was recently involved in three live events which took place in London and Manchester. Joining me on the stage for ‘Secrets of Serial Killers’ was all round top man Geoffrey Wansell and we were hosted by our friends at Fever (check out some of their other events here). Geoffrey was a joy to work with: professional, friendly, engaging and with a multitude of stories from his career. One that still makes me chuckle is that Geoffrey has never been threatened by anyone for all his true crime work, but only by a rather uppity well-known celeb, over something inconsequential. Sounds like one of the themes from my podcast in that this person is so different from their public persona – but I best say no more…

At each sold-out event we spoke about Ted Bundy, Fred/Rosemary West and Levi Bellfield, followed by Q&A. I really enjoyed each of the talks, especially spending time chatting with the audience. Talking of which, I reckon the audience was maybe 70% female and although I would like to put this down to the attraction of my boyish good looks, wit and charisma, it is probably more about the general trend of true crime seemingly being more popular with women with men, with, for example, the audience of the excellent All Killa No Filla podcast about 80-85 per cent female, according to its co-host Rachel Fairburn. Interestingly, the stats for my UK True Crime podcast over the last 12 months show that the audience is still weighted towards females, but the split is less at 56.5%/43.5%.

Pitching the content of these serial killer talks is tricky as some of the audience had a very limited knowledge of the content and others were experts. I mean real experts. But Geoffrey did an outstanding job, ensuring that (almost) everyone went home happy, having gained some insight. In particular, his knowledge of the West case is second to none. His book on the couple, An Evil Love, drew on his unparalleled access to West’s own explanations of his actions, including more than 150 hours of tape recordings West made. With the collaboration of the Official Solicitor, Geoffrey was also given access to the views of the people who knew West throughout his life, including the social workers and psychiatrists who came into contact with him. It is an excellent book and I strongly recommend it.

Geoffrey is currently working on the latest series of Murder By The Sea for CBS Reality and is spending more time on his ‘Blood Ties’ true crime podcast that he produces with his daughter Molly. I hope we can work together again soon as it really was a pleasure to spend time with Geoffrey.

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