How Do I Become a Patreon?

Via Patreon, which is a crowdfunding site used by thousands of podcasters to raise revenue to support their shows.

Why Support the UK True Crime Podcast via Patreon?

I am delighted that you enjoy the weekly UK True Crime Podcast and am so grateful for every download, every review (hey, except the ones who don’t like my voice: not much I can do about that one) and all feedback.

But I want to make it even better and produce more episodes for you to enjoy.  I want to take it to the next level with better editing and production and more cases.  To do this I am asking for your help to buy better equipment and more expensive research.

What are the benefits of supporting the UK True Crime Weekly Podcast on Patreon?

  • 14 exclusive, patron-only bonus episodes of the podcast for patreon supporters – with another added every month
  • Join me for a monthly hour long livestream to discuss the show
  • Ask me anything at any time
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Exclusive updates from behind the scenes
  • First option on event tickets