I was contacted this week by Steve from the Evil Minds Podcast.

It is a new true crime podcast so I asked Steve to tell me just why he had decided to start a new podcast at this time. Below is his reply (published with his permission):

I’ve been a true crime fan for years now, I love all the true crime shows on Crime & Investigation. It was last year, 2018, I was laid on a beach in Cape Verde and was getting sick of listening to my Spotify playlist, I was searching for new songs when I stumbled upon a Podcast. I’d never heard a podcast and always thought they were just people talking about cooking or their favourite type of cow!

The Podcast I’d accidentally stumbled across was something called UK True Crime (I’d been searching Spotify for UK Top Charts), so I started listening to the true crime podcast, from then on I was totally addicted to the true crime podcast. My favourite (and on follow) are UK True Crime with Adam, the true crime enthusiast with Paul, Benjamin at They walk among us with and Men’s Rea with Sinead.

I listened for hours and hours, fascinated by the stories, some of them id heard before but these had a different angle on them.

My routine then become, get up on a morning, sit on the balcony with coffee and listen to one of the podcasts, we would then go to the beach, on went the podcast.

It was while on holiday last month while lying on the beach in Boa Vista that I thought, “I’d love to make my own podcast”. The thought of researching, presenting and producing one excited me but I thought I’d never be able to make an episode. I have no background in media or writing, in fact my background is school-armed forces-firefighter and that is where I am right now. Once home from holiday, I kept my little dream alive, I googled how to make a podcast…….

I then started researching a crime that I knew about, bought a microphone and started.

I’m now onto my 5th episode, I’m hoping my writing and presenting skills will improve over time………if not,…….. I’m enjoying it so I’ll keep going.

My podcast is about true crimes in the UK and elsewhere in the world, I’ll try and cover lesser known ones so the listener can hear something they didn’t know, ill also invite listeners to recommend an episode, a crime they’ve perhaps heard about that they want as an episode. I’m hoping I can fill a very small gap in the true crime podcast world. I hope you’ll join me every

Wednesday on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast from. And please remember, I need your feedback, I want to make the shows a good show to listen to so you feedback really helps.

Also, remember I am very new to the podcast world so hopefully I’ll get better over time.

Good luck Steve, I will take a listen this week.  Please keep us updated on your progress.

You can find the Evil Minds Podcast website here

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