At the UK True Crime Facebook group a member has recently been posting some really interesting you tube crime videos she has created.  I have enjoyed them and asked the person behind them, Hattie, to write a short blog post explaining the motivation to start creating content.  And here is it below – make sure you take a look at her you tube channel and support her on her journey.  Speak soon, Adam.


My name is Hattie and I have just started a YouTube channel called Crime with Hattie. This is where I hope to share a variety of solved and unsolved true crime cases.

Here is the link to my channel –

I am now 24 years old and ever since I can remember, I have always been obsessed with crime. I have watched pretty much every documentary about serial killers there is. I spend a lot of my spare time reading about different cases and trying to understand what happened and why it happened. You could say I have a pretty morbid mind, but I think it is just human nature to want to understand and explain these things.

One of the main things that interests me about crime is the psychology of killers. Take the Chris Watts case for example, what makes a seemingly normal guy kill his pregnant wife and two children? On the surface it makes no sense but when you read more about the case you can start to piece together what may have been going on in his head.

If you are interested in my videos on the Chris watts case, the full story of what happened is here: and my theories surrounding the case is here:
I also think for every criminal case there is something to learn. Whether the police made a mistake in the initial searches, they can learn to do it better next time. If someone was behaving strangely for weeks and no one noticed, we can learn to pay attention to our friends and family when something isn’t right. And in the cases where there doesn’t seem to be any answers at all, we can learn to cherish what we have right now because things can change in a blink of an eye.

I want to use my channel to convey these learning curves and to raise awareness for different cases. I also want to cover smaller, lesser known cases for that reason. In many missing persons’ cases, they don’t get the media coverage they need. I would love to take these cases and be able to spread the word to provide the awareness when the media doesn’t.

This is just a hobby for me and I am hoping those of you who are also obsessed with true crime will subscribe to my channel and follow my journey.

If you come to my channel from this blog post make sure you let me know in the comments so I can say hi!

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