I thought I’d share 12 things I have learned in producing 100 podcasts with around 120,000 listeners a week.

As I hope you know, I don’t pretend my podcast is anything special and I am always learning, but I thought you might be interested. Like my podcast, the list is a bit random and in no particular order

1, Consistency is everything, both in the time you publish and how you show up every week on your podcast;
2, Almost all true crime podcasters & listeners are great & couldn’t be more helpful & supportive – this consistently makes me very happy. Seriously.
3, I haven’t a clue about whether or not to use music on a podcast;
4, I still struggle that I am intruding on private grief and not giving enough back;
5, I have butterflies in my stomach every time I press record and hate my voice every time I edit (no really, I do edit). I don’t think this ever changes;
6, Always respond to any comment from listeners. They are why I create a show and even if someone is unhappy about something they always appreciate an honest reply. Engaging with real people is the real fun;
7, Start a Facebook Group ASAP. I took ages to start and missed out on the knowledge, support and laughs of being part of a community – you know you love it too!
8, Be you. My wife tells me I shouldn’t be so sarcastic and laugh but…the person on the podcast is me and there is no point spending all this time every week being someone you are not. Have fun, life is short.
9, Don’t try to make money too early or push it. Give your best content free of charge. I make some cash from adverts and from Patreon supporters, but I avoid most adverts (especially in the middle of the podcast) and I think/hope I give my Patreon supporters value. I certainly value your support;
10, Be careful of your language and not branding any group in society offensively. Obviously, I take the mickey remorselessly but to those who deserve it always show respect;
11, Avoid social media wars. Make love not war – although probably whilst not recording – unless it is very quick 😀;
12, Finally & most importantly, ignore negative reviews! My best one was ‘would rather listen to cats fighting in an alley’. Early on I got angry, now I laugh out loud. Who cares – if someone doesn’t like it, there are plenty of others. Jog on sunshine…..

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