Meet The True Crime Enthusiast

Probably my favourite podcast is produced by Paul, better known to us all as The True Crime Enthusiast.  I’m delighted he took some time out to talk to me about what he does and why he does it.  Enjoy…. So, The True...

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Evil Minds Podcast

I was contacted this week by Steve from the Evil Minds Podcast. It is a new true crime podcast so I asked Steve to tell me just why he had decided to start a new podcast at this time. Below is his reply (published with his...

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Monthly Bonus Podcast Episode 27 – out now

Every month I produce a bonus, full-length episode just for supporters on Patreon. This is always a story that really interests me for any number of reasons. The new episode has been released today and features the murder of...

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Join me in Manchester – 16 April

I’m delighted that me and Geoffrey are bringing this event to Manchester in April. Come and join us for the event and then stay around to chat after the show. I hope to see you there. BUY YOUR TICKETS...

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