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Phones in Prison Cells

I don’t buy into the widely held view that prison is like a holiday camp. Almost all prisons, but especially Young Offender Institutions, are scary, violent places where for many of the inmates rehabilitation is the last thing...

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12 Things I have Learnt Podcasting

I thought I’d share 12 things I have learned in producing 100 podcasts with around 120,000 listeners a week. As I hope you know, I don’t pretend my podcast is anything special and I am always learning, but I thought you might be...

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Podcast passes 100 episodes

Are you a regular listener to the UK True Crime Podcast? If not, take a listen now as we have passed over 100 episodes, with episode 1oo being voted for by supporters on Patreon – where there are another 21 full length...

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Bonus Podcast Episode

Do you enjoy the UK True Crime Podcast and want more? Join our Patreon supporters and access 16 full-length bonus episodes plus other exclusive content.  The episode this month is from North Wales and tells the story of a man...

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The Moment of Truth

We all lie to ourselves daily.  But there are some moments when we can lie no longer and that is never more true than the moment the Magistrate or Jury announce your guilt and tell you they are taking away your freedom.  In that...

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Top 5 UK True Crime Podcasts

This is a well written review of true crime podcasts written by Ian Morgan in his excellent Fuelled By Caffeine blog. Good to see my podcast at two – thanks Ian – and in the company of four excellent shows (if you...

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