The Killing of Azelle Rodney

In 2015, Anthony Long, a 58 year old former met police firearms officer was cleared of murdering 24 year old Azelle Rodney ten years earlier on the streets of North London. Azelle was shot six times when police suspected he was...

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The Awful Story Behind My Interest In True Crime

Although always interested in true crime, my interest really grew at University when a terrible thing happened to a good friend of mine.I met my friend Nik Lynch at University in Wales and he was great, you would have liked...

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Crack The Case On True Crime

I was contacted recently by journalist Laura Rutkowski, who was writing a piece about true crime for Virgin Media. This was ahead of season 2 of: Homicide: Hours To Kill, which is airing on Crime + Investigation – a channel...

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The Life & Death Of Louis Gillies

I have received a large number of messages about the podcast this week, asking why I chose to cover the life and death of Louis Gillies.  I was unfamiliar with Louis’s story until I read this excellent article in The...

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